A quote and small talk about: “Counsels from My Heart” by Kyabje Dudjom Rinpoche

”   It is thanks to the blessings of the Lama that realization will dawn. Therefore pray to him, mingling your mind with his. If you do, there will come a moment when you will see that what is called the Buddha is not different from your own awareness, and that there is nothing to subdue or master other then your own thoughts. The sign that your meditation has hit the mark is that your devotion to the Lama will deepen and your compassion for beings will gain in strength. You will be your own witness and you will gain great confidence in the practice.
If you gain control over your mind, then even if you are at the point of death, you will understand that it is only because of a particular thought that there is an impression of dying-but that the nature of the mind is utterly beyond both birth and death. It would be excellent if you could gain this confidence.
So keep this little, essential, instruction in your hearts. This conviction and confidence is what we call Dharma-the inner qualities that you gain. If you vacillate and think of Dharma as something extraneous to you, thought up by somebody else, you will not benefit from it. Instead, do yourself a favor and get out of samsara! Be convinced that your mind must separate from samsara, with its karma and defilements, If you do, everything will be fine. Please practice. Pray constantly that you will have no obstacles on your path and that you might be able to capture, in this very life, the primordial citadel. And I will add my prayers to yours.”

Above quotation is from: Counsels from My Heart by Dudjom Rinpoche, translated by Padmakara Translation Group 2001, published by Shambhala 2003, quoted without permission from the publisher. Pages 24-25. It is a small pocket size book of only 122 pages.

It includes the following:
*Preface by Kyabje Trulshik Rinpoche
*Translator’s Note
[Following discourses by Dudjom Rinpoche:]
*The Buddhadharma
*The Essence of the Path
*The Long Oral Lineage of the Nyingmapas
*Practicing the without Sectarian Bias
*An Introduction to the Bardo
*Magical Nectar
*Heart Jewel of the Fortunate
*An Aspiration to the Great Perfection
*The Life story of Dudjom Rinpoche – As Told by Himself

This book proved to be inexhaustible treasure for contemplation for myself. I pray that one day I will know this advice not to be wasted on me. I recommend it to others whenever it feels right. Most people can easily find it on sites like http://www.abe.com be it 2nd hand copies or brand new for less then $10 inclusive of shipping charge. How marvelous!

One thought on “A quote and small talk about: “Counsels from My Heart” by Kyabje Dudjom Rinpoche”

  1. The Essence of the path

    To my Lord of Dharma, peerless kind,
    My glorious Lama, homage!
    His Lotus feet I place
    Upon my chakra of great bliss.

    Here is my advice,
    Some counsel useful for your mind.

    Not to keep yourself from evil actions
    Is to have no pratimoksha.
    Not to work for others’ welfare
    Is to have no bodhichitta.
    Not to master pure perception
    Is to have no Secret Mantra.
    If illusions don’t collapse,
    There is no realization.

    If you opt for one side or another,
    That is not the View.
    If you have a goal in mind,
    That is not the meditation.
    If your conduct’s a contrivance,
    That is not the Action.
    If you hope and wish,
    You’ll have no fruit.

    Those with faith will go for refuge;
    Those who have compassion will have bodhicitta;
    Those with wisdom will gain realization;
    Those who have devotion harvest blessings.

    Those who have a sense of shame are careful how they act;
    Careful in their actions, they are self-possessed;
    Self-possessed, they keep their vows and pledges;
    Keeping vows and pledges, they will have accomplishment.

    Peaceful self-control: the sign of one who’s heard the teachings!
    Few defiled emotions are the mark of one who meditates.
    Harmony with others is the sign of one who practices.

    A blissful heart is witness to accomplishment.
    The root of Dharma is your very mind.
    Tame it and you’re practicing the Dharma.
    To practice Dharma is to tame your mind-
    And when you tame it, then you will be free!
    -Pages 27 / 29.

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