On “Last Words” of Terdak Lingpa – Blazing Splendor


-Very good blog, where one can read about news of discovery of incarnation of Tulku Urgyen.

Following is an excerpt from: Blazing Splendor: The Memoirs of the Dzogchen Yogi Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche
As told to Erik Pema Kunsang and Marcia Binder Schmit, Rangjung Yeshe Publications 2005. Quoted without permission from the publisher.

Page 48-49:

Khyentse was a great siddha, incredibly realized. Yet probably because he held the position of “king of Dharma,” ruling over a vast domain of spiritual activity, he did not manifest a rainbow body upon his departure. [see note at the bottom]
Instead, here is how he passed away.
All his life, Old Kheyntse never sat idle; at the very least he would usualy have a rosary in his left hand, chanting various mantras. One day, he told his servant, “One’s final words should be like those of Terdak Lingpa, the great master of Mindrolling.”
“And what are they?” his attendant asked.

Sights, sounds, knowing–deva, mantra, dharmakaya–
Play of kayas, wisdoms, boundlessly they merge.
In this deep and secret practice of great yoga,
Be they of one taste, nondual sphere of mind!

While chanting the last line, Old Kheyntse rolled up his rosary, put it in its proper place, straightened his back and stopped breathing.”

From the Glossary, page 408-409:
Jamyang Khyentse Wangpo (1820-92)–the first Khyentse; great master of the 19th century. He was the last of the Five Great Tertons and was regarded as the combined reincarnation of Vimalamitra and King Trisong Deutsen. he became the master and teacher of all the Buddhist schools of Tibet and founder of Rimey movement. There are ten volumes of his works in addition to his termas. Jamyang means ‘Manjushri, gentle melodiousness,’ Khyentse Wangpo means ‘Lord of loving wisdom.’ In this book he is referred as Old Khyentse or simply Khyentse.

Note[52] from Erik Pema Kunsang:
An extraordinary level of realization may result in the practitioner dissolving his or her body into rainbow light and departing from human realm in this form. This is not always possible for a master with many disciples.,

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