On “Last Words” of Terdak Lingpa

One day John Ward, one of senior American disciples of Penor Rinoche in NYC pointed out to me that in our prayer books exist two varying translations of Chögyal Terdag Lingpa (1646 – 1714) famous “Last Words” also known as “Prayer to Three Vajra States”. So I asked around and looked up some available resources, here is what I seen so far. The two translations:

One commonly seen:

Deity, mantra and Drarmakaya are the nature of appearance, sound and awareness,
The pervasive kaya and wisdom display of the Buddhas.
May practitioners of the profound and secret Great Perfection,
Remain inseparable from the innermost, one-state awareness of wisdom mind.

And again:

May appearance, sound and awareness in the state of deity, mantra and Dharmakaya
Merge boundlessly as the display of kayas and wisdoms,
In the profound and secret practice of Great Yoga,
And may they be of one taste, indivisible with the essence of wisdom mind.

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