About photo albums available here

This post is old… Yahoo does not host pictures no more, i had them transferred somewhere. Post to be updated.

1st album is meant to be a collection of pictures used within the 360 page and the blog as well as additional pictures of views, deities and teachers.

2nd album is dedicated to pictures of Lama Wangchuk that cover some of the times of his almost 6 year stay in America, 2000-2006.

3rd album covers some of the events of Lama Wangchuk last 2 weeks in New York, just before he got on the plane in JFK to go to Namdrolling monastery in South India.
There are some pictures from the morning of the 30th of April, the Sunday when Khenchen Tsewang Gyatso offered White Unbrella Empowerment (Duk Kar) at NPDC, in the afternoon of that day we recieved continuation of teaching on Supplication to Guru Rinpoche in Seven Chapters. And later towards the evening some of us were able to gather in Congee Village restaurant, from that gathering there are also a few pictures available amongst 44 currently in the 3rd album. We also met up in the morning of the following day and did some Sadhana Practice together. On the 5th, the Friday we got together in NPDC early in the morning and towards middle of the afternoon i was able to accompany Lama upstate. Saturday happend to be Wesak according to Therevadin callendar and Sunday was the 10th day on which i was able to sit through Rigdzin Dupa Tsog offering to Guru Rinpoche in main temple of upstate retreat center. On the 9th of May lama flew with Air India out of JFK in direction of South India. And i did not take any pictures of these few last days. Lama Wangchuk was a very good friend of just about any one who would reach out to him. And it is next to impossible to believe that he is no longer in NYC.

4th album is to share some of the various pictures of people that i find in my camera after taking scores of pictures, seemingly at random 🙂

5th album is a collection of pictures of Buryat Hambo Lama Tashi Dorje Itigilov, from time before he passed into meditative state diring 1928 and now in 2002 and in 2005. His body remains flexible and is still with us.

Kyabje Penor Rinpoche in carmel, NY on the 19th of August, 2006.

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