Fortune Cookie

From time to time i go to one or the other website and read horoscopes, can take me from 2-3 all the way to 10 minutes! I especially like to read ones for the days in the past and compare them to what happend. At times i read horoscopes of other signs then my own and over time i came to treat them all as a fortune cookie. Attempting to learn something, always, after all they are all written for us and in a way “thrown out there” for whoever can make use of them. Here is one i liked recently.

Daily Overview for June 16, 2006
Provided by
Everything you need to get to the next level is inside you — reach in and get it!
Are you open-minded enough to accept the truth, or are you stubbornly insisting on your way in the face of all the facts?
Make things easier on yourself and go for the first option. Let old expectations go.

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