Memory of Lama Wangchuk

From an Australian friend of Lama Wangchuk: Please count me in on the prayers. I am there in spirit.
Hello to everyone too.
much love,
PS. I have many memories of Lama Wangchuk as we all do, 2 in particular to
share with everyone. One being the very direct striking on the head by Lama
with a long, thin box, enough to alter my brain patterns somewhat. This
followed by the simple words “Guru Rinpoche Story” uttered from Lama’s lips.
A mind changing moment. Another memory of a very joyous monk zooming around
on a lawn mower at Mc Donough preparing for Rinpoche, like a child enjoying
a toy. In the middle of the large expanse of grass he left growing a patch
of bright yellow meadow flowers, after which he exclaimed “I like yellow”.
Lama taught me through the way he lived as much as through the weekly
practices; spontaneously and with clarity, intelligence and simple joy. It
was sad to hear of his passing and I had a little cry but for just a short
time. When I really just sat with it, all that Lama was in his recent life
is still here. Each time I go to eat or drink there is the presence of the
teacher reminding me of offering. He is a clearly etched memory forever
associated with Dharma. Many thanks be to him.
Be happy,
Loving regards,

-If you would like to share something about Lama, i can always put it up here.

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