Dakini Day, in Namdrolling on May 12th, 2007

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We received a phone call Friday from Lopon Tshultrim Tentar from the Penor Rinpoche Charity Foundation office in Namdroling Monastery, South India.

Lopon-la let us know that last week the late Dorje Lopon Lama Wangchuk’s estate was offered to His Holiness Penor Rinpoche. His Holiness instructed that the funds instead be offered to the monks and nuns in the monastery to sponsor a grand Dakini Day Tsok Feast Practice, which took place this morning (about 10 PM EST, about 7 or 8 AM in Namdroling). All of the monks, primary school and high school, as well as Shedra participated. Because Namdroling has grown so much, the Nuns carried through their practice at the Ani Gompa itself, as it would not have been possible for them to fit inside the Golden Temple.

Khenpo Tenzin Norgey Rinpoche asked us to forward this news to you all.

May all beings benefit!



Since pure awareness of nowness is the real buddha,
In openness and contentment I found the Lama in my heart.
When we realize this unending natural mind is the very nature of the
Then there is no need for attached, grasping, or weeping prayers or
artificial complaints,
By simply relaxing in this uncontrived, open, and natural state,
We obtain the blessing of aimless self-liberation of whatever arises.


May in all lifetimes, high or low, we never be separate from the Glorious Lama!

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