Sang Offering

Picture above is of the Sang Offering, that should look like a big bonfire, with clouds of smoke. We had one like that on Saturday, in the evening after the main Kalachakra Ceremony, the only thing, it was burning pretty high during tremendous downpour of rain! In fact stronger rain would come down, higher the fire would flare up, the only common sense way in which fire was affected by the rain was quite strong smoke, otherwise it looked like fire was nourished by water.

Back in Mexico

A while back receiving teaching from Lama Thubten Phuntsog on Pacific Street, I remember well, at one point Lama looked at all of us, about 8 people, Then Lama said: “And if you can not stay in retreat, practicing meditation in solitude, then your last chance to practice is to be like Jetsun Milarepa, to stay in meditation always, during all of your activities.”

A while back i ended up working in a kitchen as a cook, due to financial considerations and obvious lack of interest in any career, having taken Lama’s advice to my heart, I am just too happy, actually. And all the people call me “Buddha” at work. And I was lucky enough to coin a joke: “Where else can you find a still working Buddha, these days?!”.
After I was asked if I mind to be called “Buddha”, I told them that it is ok, because I do remind them of something like that, and I myself am without any ambition. Oh, in the picture above i am sticking my belly out as far as i can to look like a “fat chef”, so i guess there is that! hehe

With heartfelt prayer that all followers of Guru Rinpoche, the Padmasambhava be able to practice like that: Non Meditation and Non Distraction. Actualizing the Union of Clarity and Emptiness, effortlessly,

Quote from Glimpse After Glimpse:

Rest in natural great peace
This exhausted mind
Beaten helpless by karma and neurotic thought,
Like the relentless fury of the pounding waves
In the infinite ocean of samsara.
Rest in natural great peace.

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