One day last year at the time of similar hot weather upon ariving at work I learned that waitress forgot to order bottled water and we had none. Naturally I thought it to be a good reason to go out and pick some up. I did not plan very well. Half way back with a heavy case of glass bottles on my shoulder I was feeling a bit hot 🙂

Then I spotted a lotus of a surely standing bodhisattva statue protruding from a cardbord box at a curb that was filled with refuse. Reaching in I was able to recover a 16″ tall statue in perfect shape.

It was of this tremendously honored in Japan and Korea Saint:

Ksitigarbha – in Indian language.

Dayuan Dizang Pusa – in Chinese language.

Sayi Nyingpo – in Tibetan language.

Daigan Jizō Bosatsu – in Japanese language.

Ji Jang Bosal – in Korean Language.

Here is almighty wiki to the rescue:

And here is a start and the end of a story related on the page linked above:

“… At the time, monks and scholars arrived from those countries to
seek the Dharma in China. One of these pilgrims was a former prince from
Silla whose Korean romanization was Kim Kiaokak (Ch: Jin Qiaojue(金喬覺))
and became a monastic under the name of Earth Store (Also called Jijang,
the Korean pronunciation of Dizang).[4] He came to the region of Anhui
to Mount Jiuhua. After ascending, he decided to build a hut in a deep
mountain area so that he may be able to cultivate…..”

“….The monk lived in Mount Jiuhua for seventy five years before
passing away at the age of ninety-nine. Three years after his nirvana,
his tomb was opened, only to reveal that the body had not decayed.
Because the monk led his wayplace with much difficulty, most people had
the intuition to believe that he was indeed the transformation body of
Ksitigarbha.Monk Jijang’s well-preserved, dehydrated body may still be
viewed today at the monastery he built on Mount Jiuhua….”

This picture is a representation common in Japan, Here the Bodhisattva is like a tree caring for many children. Picture on top of the post is a very similar to the statue that i found.

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