Several posts on passing of Kyabje Thinley Norbu

I have met Rinpoche only one time and very briefly, although I wanted to meet him for a while, it took me long time.

One time I have received a word that Rinpoche has a puja coming up in the next half hour in the NYC Shambhalla Center and this is where I run very fast.

During the 45 seconds that I had to communicate with Rinpoche every word carried meaning and was personal, it was just the same as meeting an old friend. After, I seem to have formed an idea that I am sure to work on for a while yet. Because even as in my case I did not have any doubt that there was great, pure being in front of me, the very presence of the Rinpoche in front was not different as standing in front of a mirror and all my confused ideation was revealed.


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