This blog was started in 2006 on Yahoo 360 platform, which is no longer run by yahoo, I have used it to publish bits and pieces of various discussions that took place in e-mail and share photos, personal observations and such, may it be of some benefit, it was and is meant well!

My name is Alex Sherab Gyatso, so Alex, is most likely but If I am alert enough, i will try to answer to “hey You” but you know, there maybe a problem there 🙂

The handle used on yahoo is a last line of so called “Immutable Seven Line Prayer” (To Guru Rinpoche, the Padmasambhava): Guru (Master) Pema (Lotus) Siddhi(Accomplishments) Hum(Petition for, as in “Please Bestow”), so Gurupemasiddhihum.

I live in NYC.

Here is 1st post on the original blog:

Opening entry:

February 22, 2006 This is going to be 1st entry into this blog.
I plan to post pictures and quotations, as well as some narrations if time permits. By posting all of this I realize that none of this material belongs to me or would be taken as something that I understand better then others or at all. If I am at fault of using any of this improperly, it is my fault alone. If at any point any one would like to contact me regarding any matters associated with this blog or any other issue that may arise, please feel free to do so.
May we all realize 2 purposes of benefiting others and our selves without even as much as a hint of self-importance.

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