Longest day, followed by full moon

sun_moonIn Buddhist cosmology the 15th day of the Lunar calendar, time of the full moon is regarded as time special to Buddha Shakyamuni, Buddha Amitabha, Buddhist practice in general and effect of meditation, prayer, making offerings and confessions is thought to be magnified.

There are most beautiful titles of things out there like: “…moonbeams of mahamudra…”

Or here: “The Sword of Wisdom for Thoroughly Ascertaining Reality” and connected to it “ Blazing Lights of the Sun and Moon”…

Some of the most direct, yet elaborate writing, with great evocative titles that in a way bring the whole universe into the picture. By the means of metaphoric  speech about the sun and the moon.

On this coming Monday, June 20th we will have the longest day of the year, over 15 hours of daylight with sun, brightly over the horizon. In fact sun will stay too long in the sky, so that the moon will have a chance to come out and be visible as well. The sun will rise at 4.45AM and set  at 10.34PM. It is time of full moon and moon will be in the sky, visible (weather, clouds allowing) whole night, it may have a rose tinge.