Talking cheese at Old Barn Hollow

Downtown_Binghamton_at_NightAfter walking around a little on the 1st Friday of the month during Binghamton’s Art Walk, we nearly always end up looking into the great Local store Old Barn Hollow. It is now in the middle of the Art block on the State Street.

Today they had some cheese samples and I ended up walking towards the owner and telling them that their Miranda unpasteurized Blue Cheese is some of the best blue cheese available. It is slightly aged, along the lines of great English Stilton..

We talked and I thought that my prior cheese department work should come in handy and I should share about the cheeses that I sold, sampled and enjoyed.

Here is my small cheesy write up.

Old barn Hollow, a real wonderful store. -Indeed, and I wish them all sorts of increase.

My primary focus is Buddhist study and contemplation. As in USA Buddhist community is not very big or active I worked all sorts of jobs, to get by.

So, I have worked in NYC in Food Emporium(A&P), Gourmet Garage(Chain of 6 gourmet supermarkets that has volume of over 10K a week in their cheese department sales), Union Market (Chain of 5 gourmet supermarkets that has volume of over 10K a week in their cheese department sales)

A small review of my favorite NY State only cheeses based on 5 years of experience as a cheese department head in NYC.

Bob and Sharon are great people, making great cheese at Cooperstown Cheese Company

My favorite are Jersey Girl and Toma Celena. They use unpasteurized milk, for flavor, tradition and curiously for safety reasons, as I discussed with them in person, it is nearly perfectly always the case that a farm selling unpasteurized milk will always keep it extra clean as opposed to the farm expecting to pasteurize it somewhere down the line.

Here is a local ad showing a little of their info on milk type and pricing.

(somehow their website is not up and I seem to remember looking at a different one, that I can not find now)

These people are making OUTRAGEOUSLY good tasting cheddar types of cheese.

The Tumbleweed is a rich and delicate, it is covered in natural mold, rind much a like French Cantal.

And Crawford is the strongest cheddar that you will ever taste, rich and full of flavor, it comes in cloth-bound cylinders, it is cave-aged.

They own their own herd, so milk does not need to be moved very far or processed in any way, it is made “next door”. As the only real reason for pasteurization of the milk used for cheesemaking is transportation and storage (we are told by huge companies that want to continue transportation, storage of over a month on the shelf and no competition from local milk-man that it is “safer”) in this instance it is as fresh as it can get. One of my favorite cheeses, ever.

Kunik made by Nettle Meadow, it comes in small wheels of 0.75 to 0.5 of a pound. A triple cream made with goat’s milk and jersey cow’s cream. While, young, middle aged and old it has distinct, amazing taste.

Here is the company that makes cheese from the black sheep’s milk (some of the richest milk available to a cheesemaker).

An excellent website out of California, “Library of Cheese”

-Their red Hawk is in the class of it’s own, Washed rind (bright, fire brick red color) soft ripened…