Another year, another Summer

Another year is well under way.

Another Summer is starting to feel warm.

From July 10 to August 10 over at Palyul Retreat Center we will have Annual Summer Retreat. And to generate merit in that here is a fundraiser that could also assist me. (As there are many offerings to be made and many fees to be covered) Please consider an offering towards this “plan”. author_2018_BW

Here is an “Update” from the gofundme: To all perspective sponsors. If you were to offer $100 or more and sent me address. I shell be happy to put in the mail a copy of my book “Thoughts on Buddhism” as a bonus. – Thank you.

And here is the link to this request for sponsorship:

Thank you for reading, thinking and offering here, in person or even in your thoughts. I dedicate all merit to the awakening of all.

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