Passing of Sogyal Rinpoche

sogyal_rinpoche_ngadrama It looks like Sogyal Rinpoche passed away at 1:00PM on August 28th, 2019 according to local Thai time zone (+11 hours to say NYC). Rinpoche was 72 years old.

Here are some selections from the book Glimpse after Glimpse which was my earliest connection to Rinpoche writing. I have encountered the book on 22nd and Rinpoche passed away around 28th of August.


Glimpse of the Day

August 22,

Do not make the mistake of imagining the nature of mind is exclusive only to our minds. It is in fact the nature of everything. It can never be said too often that to realize the nature of mind is to realize the nature of all things.

-Sogyal Rinpoche

Glimpse of the Day

August 27,

When the View is constant,
The flow of Rigpa unfailing,
And the merging of the two luminosities continuous and spontaneous,
All possible delusion is liberated at its very root,
And your entire perception arises, without a break, as Rigpa

A term such as meditation is not really appropriate for Dzogchen practice, you can see, as ultimately it implies meditating “on” something, whereas in Dzogchen all is only and forever Rigpa. So there is no question of a meditation separate from simply abiding by the pure presence of Rigpa. The only word that could possibly describe this is non-meditation. In this state, the masters say, even if you look for delusions there is none left. Even if you looked for ordinary pebbles on an island of gold and jewels, you would not have a chance of finding any.

-Sogyal Rinpoche

Glimpse of the Day

August 28,

If this elephant of mind is bound on all sides by the cord of mindfulness,
All fear disappears and complete happiness comes.
All enemies: all tigers, lions, elephants, bears, serpents (of our emotions);
And all the keepers of hell; the demons and the horrors,
All of these are bound by the mastery of your mind,
And by the taming of that one mind, all are subdued,
Because from the mind are derived all fears and immeasurable sorrows.

-Arya Shantideva


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