new patreon page is up

Deaf friends, readers, if you can please consider becoming appreciated supporters.

I have started a patreon page and you can support my efforts at writing blogs, publishing books,
painting paintings or producing videos at any rate from $1 a month to $1000 a month.

The page is here:

Here is a write-up for the intro video:


Hello, welcome to the patreon page of a Russian born, residing in USA Buddhist Yogi, Spontaneous youtube speaker, occasional writer and publisher, persistent fine arts painter. Please support these activities of publishing talks online, writing books on Buddhist perspectives in regards to every day-life and painting of the decorative contemporary art work.
Although it is never easy, my goal in life is to give, to give anyone that can make use of it, give them something in a way of art.
Art is a multifaceted approach to all forms and sometimes we can talk, and that can be shifted into art form (by some more then others, I sure try and often fail).
There is a possibility for books (I have so far published one, there is 2 more in the editing stages as well as a book of Buddhist translations)…
All of this began for me long ago with study of fine arts with focus into painting. I hope you can support this and find it useful.
Here are some writings on painting in NYC now and then:
May all of our wishes be spontaneously accomplished in accordance with Dharma.

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