Lazy talk about all the good things on Guru Rinpoche Day

After a while it feels to me that I can talk about these things in a somewhat natural way, now. It is good to read on facebook: “do you know the most important sign of accomplishment of Guru Yoga? – It is when you see guru in everything!” It is really good but in some way seems unclear and who knows, even if with good intentions, possibly targeted: in order to provoke, a type of “wow, yeah, really?”…

My personal approach is to try to normalize things, to quiet down into settled understanding, that becomes very much alive this way. In order to evaluate these ideas, it is good to unlock wider focus from A Person, The Teacher, Buddha, to: Guru Rinpoche Principle. Why?

Buddhas do not manifest out of any type of vanity, it is all solely for us, in fact we do not need to know Buddhas to be connected to Buddhism to benefit from the process or to recognize this timeless, universal perfection. However here are helpfull points: 1st, it is good to reflect on how through sense faculties we from inside of our beings observe things that are more and more solidly outside, but in fact they are just like reflections on a surface of water or in a mirror they connect us on a complete, deep inner level to these ideas of light that enter into our lives through the eyes and reach inside lives. In other words if one were to train in thinking and visualizing pure forms ones perception will become more pure and Guru Rinpoche as embodiment of Buddhas manifesting as teacher is just that type of display to train in.

Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche in this video does a much better job explaining in more traditional terms of Vajrayana Buddhist meditation with visualization on how it works and what it is all about.

March 11, 2021 Maha Shiva Ratri

On this day of traditional hope, on the night of Lord Shiva we have a lot to contend with. Good example is counter opposing idea of “Reality” and “Tradition”. Even though our very own tradition of Buddhist transmission is ground, path and result of connection on these three levels to the Liberation from confused states and ignorance within the cycle of existence, within Samsara. Still we are all bound to maintain a degree of sectarian view as long as ego demands of imposition of limitations is not let go more and more. The whole revolutionary idea is that there is idea of reality and idea of knowledge and that must be of importance not any idea of maintenance of any tradition for the tradition sake. As one great master said in my paraphrase: “True lineage is embodiment of wisdom within by the lineage holders” and not any number of traditional “bells and whistles”.

So, it is soon that we will have “New Moon” and traditionally Maha Shiva Ratri is the night just before last New Moon Night which takes place just before the Spring equinox. Spring equinox is that moment when finally momentum of days lengthening and nights shortening results in days becoming longer then nights.

May it give us all renewed strength to practice the liberating Dharma in accordance with the Dharma abandoning all egotistical self imposed limitations on the path of freedom.

Chotrul Duchen, Full Moon of 1st Lunar month 2021

All the time we all are in a way navigating through things, places even time. And there could be a very interesting question taking place which has more greater role in our lives so called destiny or so called free will?

While it is my firm opinion that all questions have answers in them already. And thus purpose of the spiritual path can be not to have more answers but to have fewer questions.

The idea above is very important and the foundation for spiritual path is that we are all “here” it is that basic human condition. Then as Buddha said “Watch Your Mind” – This is really what is required, to be able to actually pay attention to ones thoughts, speech and actions. This would include understanding that we can observe goings on in our lives and possibly see that all the temporary goings on are just like clouds and even if they may appear to block the sun, the sun is still there. So, if it takes a while for the clouds to move along it does not really cause disappearance of the sun, no matter how long it is still only that: temporary obscuration. Temporary blockage in our vision and the sun is there.

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