NFT Art?

Well, 3 very late-nights, and it feels good.

NFT is not very “new” as it is directly related to crypto-currency. However our current news are filled with updates on how venerable Christie’s has sold a massive token effort by one digital artist for millions. Yes it does sound unreal, the price is somewhere around 69M and the name of the digital artist Beeple.

I have for years thought of ways to fundraise for the idea of retreats mine and of other people and accessible to others temples and just an increase in offering monetary support to existing wonderful places that I had good fortune of visiting and studying in. While I have no plan in regards to how much it could generate, 10, 100, 1000, millions. It is available and published. I promise to try and do my best using any funds received well and mentally dedicate all merit to all who come in touch with the effort in particular and to all sentient beings in general.

Best regards,