Lazy talk about all the good things on Guru Rinpoche Day

After a while it feels to me that I can talk about these things in a somewhat natural way, now. It is good to read on facebook: “do you know the most important sign of accomplishment of Guru Yoga? – It is when you see guru in everything!” It is really good but in some way seems unclear and who knows, even if with good intentions, possibly targeted: in order to provoke, a type of “wow, yeah, really?”…

My personal approach is to try to normalize things, to quiet down into settled understanding, that becomes very much alive this way. In order to evaluate these ideas, it is good to unlock wider focus from A Person, The Teacher, Buddha, to: Guru Rinpoche Principle. Why?

Buddhas do not manifest out of any type of vanity, it is all solely for us, in fact we do not need to know Buddhas to be connected to Buddhism to benefit from the process or to recognize this timeless, universal perfection. However here are helpfull points: 1st, it is good to reflect on how through sense faculties we from inside of our beings observe things that are more and more solidly outside, but in fact they are just like reflections on a surface of water or in a mirror they connect us on a complete, deep inner level to these ideas of light that enter into our lives through the eyes and reach inside lives. In other words if one were to train in thinking and visualizing pure forms ones perception will become more pure and Guru Rinpoche as embodiment of Buddhas manifesting as teacher is just that type of display to train in.

Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche in this video does a much better job explaining in more traditional terms of Vajrayana Buddhist meditation with visualization on how it works and what it is all about.

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