Passing of Kyabje Dudjom Yangsi Pema Shepa Rinpoche

Due to lack of our merit Kyabje Dudjom Yangsi Pema Shepa Rinpoche has passed away on February 15th 2022. Rinpoche was 31 years old. We have to really, really get better in who we all are.

There are wakeup calls. And then there is nothing left to do. It’s either heed the call and try to wake up or ignore it.

Passing of young great masters is like that. We thought that they will be there forever so we could remember them from time to time and feel better about our confusions. Well guess what, this competition is the one where they award you a grave if you win. So, start feeling kinder and more spacious towards others now. We are not on the same team. There is no competition. There is nothing to achieve in the end. Just treat everyone as if they are your family and you love them.

People die all the time. Therefore it is really important how you live your life. Not how long.

If you are into competition with others. It is impractical waste of life as it is competition to the grave. Remember good people, great people and bad people, all sorts of people always die in the end.

So, we should try to be spacious to one another. In good times and in bad times.

Sublime beings perform activities for a reason.
And not because there are reasons.
Because there is only always just one reason.
Which is assisting confused others in this coming and going waves of samsara.

By a person whom Kyabje Thinley Norbu called one time Guru Alex.
-See it for yourself, this life is really like that.
Don’t waste time.
Be good now.

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