amazon review for: Chronicles of Love & Death: My Years with the Lost Spiritual King of Bhutan by Norma Levine


Chronicles of Love & Death:
My Years with the Lost Spiritual King of Bhutan

by Norma Levine review:

Amazon Review for Chronicles of Love & Death by Norma Levine

Reading the book quickly, with an air of happiness for the fact of such a story making it into the print in such a well written and well intentioned way. I can not seem to stop thinking of an image which follows something like this:
“A mirror which is Eastern civilization – a reflection of the Western civilization, culture, way of thinking..”
-As in, the west is there in dependence on the fact of east being there.
Where the author is a representative of sorts, for the West that comes to the point of meeting the East, both in reality is just space, wisdom in nature. And whoever can see past these reflections will understand what Tulku Urgen is quoted to say in one of the books left to us: “How far do you have to reach out to touch the space?”.
-There is a very complex set of references to mirrors and reflections throughout the book.
Like here:
“…The bodhisattva himself is like the moon and ordinary beings are like a lake. If the lake moves, the reflection moves, if the lake is clear, the reflection is clear… (and more on page 255) …’How I see him is just a reflection of my own disturbances rather than how he actually is?’ I asked. `It is an interdependent manifestation.’…”

Just how often we make things happen in our lives, but then again how seldom is it possible to come to any level of comprehension of what is going on in our lives at any moment and then when it is “too late” or “too far gone” it is just that, surely not the stuff for any kind of a book. Here in this book author very honestly describes her whole range of emotions that was reflected in the space of the relationship with this great lama.”

Very good quote opens Chapter 1:
“Making mistake after mistake I walk the unmistaken path” – Khenpo Tsultrim Gyamtso.

An interesting book, a very good chance to study the mind of ideation. But for what and why?
As it is quoted there at the very beginning (page 15) from the Karmapa: “Words are liars”.
The answer could be: “To read an interesting love story” or “To read a “1st hand account” on religion and customs” or to have a glimpse into a life of an incarnate lama…
-Many interesting things can be seen.
It can also be a way to see unmistaken reflection of the bodhisattva mind on the surface of our lives, an account of such a miracle, alas in Words.

May every one, everywhere be free from suffering and causes of suffering!

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