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Summer Retreat 2005
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Dear friends, I have published What’s What on amazon, (its a kindle eBook)
Here is a link to my author’s page: http://www.amazon.com/author/sherab

Here is a little write up about the book

Purpose of this book is to outline issues that never become less relevant. What is Buddhist practice? And why there can be an effective teacher. Letting these issues to be outlined, allowing reader to arrive as they may. To define, not in a way of dogma but rather inviting anyone interested onto the path that is their own. We all know where the home is and how it feels. Buddhism on the other hand is often complained by Buddhists to be too complex. If we were to make it our home, it would simply reflect our inner situation.
Topics mentioned are: Impermanence, Renunciation, Many lives.
Then Buddhist Refuge with point of view towards practice. Why Guru? Nine Yana classification of practices of Hinayana, Mahayana and Vajrayana as is common to Tibetan Nyingma tradition. Also included towards the end is a short list of books and materials for further reading and research with extensive reviews.

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Published a preview for the upcoming paperback of What’s What. Short summary and About the author chapters are included. Take a look if you are curious in the book, OR if you don’t want to bother with the book but may want to know what it is all about (the summary is rather short! half a page). Thank you!

Author’s: What’s What

Summer Retreat 2005

Excerpt from the book to be published this summer under title of What’s What, the book of mish-mash, of far-out ideas, idle talk, gossip and musings on the spiritual path of the search for the truth, from your’s truly, the misleader of the wrong views, Sherab Gyatso Alex.

Few Words of introduction

It is often heard to be said,

Just about any effort:

“To preserve the past and build the future…”

-It is just that mindset turned towards illusory conventionally agreed upon dreamlike reality that causes suffering.


Past is a history and is never now,

Of course,

Future is a mystery and is also never now,


Present is now and is all there is.


Tomorrow is the day that never comes, that day is by definition is always tomorrow.


-These can become a practical mindset that encourages action or non-action, encourages presence in here and now and puts this dream-like that seemingly surrounds us into actually practical perspective.


Than preserving that which can not be preserved because it is gone. Or building that which no matter the effort will be there, but can not really be known in here and now completely, unless one has clairvoyance of a fully actualized Buddha.


Without any stress or sense of urgency it is important to know that the time to act is always now.

Without making plans for the actions of the future, lay down foundation for the future by rather doing what you could plan for this present moment, knowing of cause and effect and possibilities without limit as everything arising depends on causes and everything can act as a cause.

In addition,

It’s such a good idea to be able to evaluate theories from point of view of application and benefit.


Let us find true benefit and when it instantly happens make it so.

Special note on the Now, the present.

There is practical difference to learning, or following a teacher and in a confused, ego driven way “trying to figure things out”.

In the 1st instance there is a possibility of open minded learning, in the second there is a possibility of identification of what one already knows and while there are things to be learned and experienced, chance of that is blocked. Ultimately ideas of past, present and future are there with focus on present but as a gross springboard, a launching pad to affect liberation from all three. And not to be stuck in.