Notes, Holiness and the Refuge

As Counsels from My Heart is one of my favorite books ever, I have read it’s part titled “Notes” that comes in the later part of the book, however opening this wonderful book by chance on the opening page of the “Notes” and rereading this 1st note I thought I should post it here and maybe this note from esteemed Padmakara Translation Group be of benefit to whoever encounters it, It can be taken as thought provoking or too technical, but my hope is that it be taken as helpful.

Kyabje (skyabs rje), which means “lord of refuge,” is traditional title given to lamas of great wisdom and attainment. Curiously enough, in situations where it is traditionally used, there has been a tendency in western Europe and America to substitute the papal title of “His Holiness.” Although there is perhaps some justification for this when referring to the Dalai Lama (temporal and spiritual leadership and by now a precedent of almost a hundred years), its generalized employment, along with that of other titles taken from Catholic hierarchy, seems for a number of reasons out of place and undesirable. It should be remembered that “His Holiness” and “His Eminence” are essentially indications of ecclesiastic rank, bestowed by authority and not by popular acclaim. Moreover, they are not automatically regarded as expressions of devotion, nor are they necessary attestations of spiritual attainment or personal sanctity, as should be clear from even a cursory knowledge of Catholic history. It seems better, therefore, to retain the Tibetan title, which, when used of a lama like Dudjom Rinpoche, is highly meaningful and indeed an exact description.”

[“Counsels from My Heart” by Dudjom Rinpoche, page 107-108.]

Door to Certainty – quotes

Pleasant words
profound meaning
grand philosophy:
do not exhaust your body or your mind
trying to obtain such dharma.
Trust the teachings you have received
according to your capacities
and practice them.
They will benefit your mind.

Retreat master of the Karmapas, Bokar Rinpoche. In the book: “Opening The Door to Certainty”.

I am going to make this a thread of short quotations i come across, and it should be about same, establishing oneself in certainty 🙂

Do not mistake Understanding for Realization
Do not mistake Realization for Liberation
Do not hope for Realization, but practice (meditation) all of your life
-Often quoted without attributation

Quotations from Glimpse after Glimpse:

Glimpse of March 17th.
“The extraordinary qualities of great beings who hide their nature escapes ordinary people like us, despite our best efforts in examining them. On the other hand, even ordinary charlatans are expert at deceiving others by behaving like saints.”

One of memorable glimpses:
“In a cloudless night sky, the full moon,
“The Lord of Stars,” is about to rise . . .
The face of my compassionate lord, Padmasambhava,
Draws me on, radiating its tender welcome.

My delight in death is far, far greater than
The delight of traders at making vast fortunes at sea,
Or the lords of the gods who vaunt their victory in battle;
Or of those sages who have entered the rapture of perfect absorption.
So just as a traveler who sets out on the road when the time has come to go,
I will not remain in this world any longer,
But will go to dwell in the stronghold of the great bliss of deathlessness.”

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‘I am present in front of anyone who has faith in me, Just as the moon casts its reflection, effortlessly, In any vessel filled with water.’

‘For those with fervent faith and devotion, My compassion is swifter than that of any other buddha. Until there is an end to beings in these three realms of samsara, There will be no end to Padmakara’s compassion.’

Remaining in the clarity and confidence of Rigpa allows all your thoughts and emotions to liberate naturally and effortlessly within its vast expanse, like writing in water, or painting in the sky. If you truly perfect this practice, karma has no chance to be accumulated, and in this state of aimless, carefree abandon, what Dudjom Rinpoche calls “uninhibited, naked ease,” the karmic law of cause and effect can no longer bind you in any way.
-Sogyal Rinpoche in the “Glimpse After Glimpse”