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An Ocean of Blessings, Heart Teachings of Drubwang Penor Rinpoche

Translated by Ani Jinba Palmo

With Forwards from Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche, Sogyal Rinpoche, Mugsang Kuchen Rinpoche, Khenchen Tsewang Gyatso Rinpoche.

Do get this book and more.

This is a gem unlike others. This gem should have gotten no polish and remained as it is. As with Buddhist ideas in view we know of such things as nature and resting in things as they are. So, this collection of the heart teachings that Kyabje Rinpoche made spontaneously speaking to the audience of disciples of various levels of experience all during summer retreat in rural, secluded in the lush forests of Upstate NY,  Palyul Ling retreat facility. These teachings were the atmosphere, the electricity that quietly electrified spiritual lives of most listeners in a perfect and complete way. With realized master of such an overwhelming reach it should be a direct goal to give date and translate whole teaching, completely. The foundation of the book is drawn from initial pool of 130 teachings that were offered for the book effort, with resulting 30 chapters comprising of the 85 actual talks that were selected and edited.

A good example is on page 77-78, chapter titled “Great Perfection”. Most of this chapter is drawn from the 2003 Guru Yoga teaching, there is a description of Dza Patrul Rinpoche going East to find a source of the beam of light that he sees emanating into the sky. Stopping at Kathok Dorje Den monastery he proceeds to the Palyul Monastery and finds that the light is emanating directly from the building of the three year-three month retreat, which he circumambulates and receives blessings from. In the book it is cut short at the point when Patrul Rinpoche asks what’s to the East of Kathok Monastery.

Rinpoche was a force of nature that one could feel while just in the area, just near by, that powerful, perfect inspiration towards actual liberation. And the best feel for that perfect natural phenomena in this book comes from the forwards of Kyabje Rinpoche’s heart son Mugsang Kuchen Rinpoche and Kyabje Rinpoche’s Summer retreat voice (English translator) Khenchen Tsewang Gyatso Rinpoche as well as the venerable translator for the book Ani Jinba Palmo.

Our venerable translator opens up her preface by setting up the stage so to speak, amongst her remarks in the 1st paragraph it mentions: “Before starting the main topic of the seminar, Rinpoche would always give an introductory talk about the importance of guru yoga, mingling one’s mind with the master’s mind, devotion, faith, pure perception,…” -In my selfish understanding, I was hoping to relive these times but a lot of that core of Kyabje Rinpoche teachings as mentioned above does not seem to have gotten included.

With the folded hands wishing for more complete transcripts of Kyabje Rinpoche heart advice to be translated in the future.

Currently to fill in any incomplete parts with the actual meaning there seems to be a perfect remedy, the glorious facility which Kyabje Penor Rinpoche started in the Upstate NY, the Palyul Retreat Center has annual Summer retreat in just the same way as envisioned by Kyabje Rinpoche and masters, embodiment of these very teachings in perfect, completely accomplished way are all there and it continues to gather many students every year.

May we all continually connect to the direct teachings on what really matters until Samsara and Nirvana are of one taste.

Khenchen Tsewang Gyatso Rinpoche coming to NYC in January

Khenchen Tsewang Gyatso Rinpoche is to bestow teachings
and Guru Rinpoche empowerment in NYC

Friday, January 5, 2007 — 7 PM – 9 PM
Public Talk – Introduction to Vajrayana Buddhism

Saturday, January 6 — 10 AM -12 PM Guru Rinpoche Empowerment

Saturday, January 6 — 2:30 PM – 5 PM
Teachings on Guru Yoga

Sunday, January 7 — 10 AM to 12 PM and 2:30 PM to 5 PM
Teaching on Buddhahood Without Meditation (Nang-ja

Khenchen Tsewang Gyatso Rinpoche in NYC Teaching on the prayer in 7 chapters

Schedule of events and short note on the material offered within context of the main teaching, the Prayer in Seven Chapters.

Friday, April 28, 2006, 7pm
Public Talk: Introduction to Buddhism

Saturday, April 29, 10-12 and 2:30-5 pm
Teaching on “Supplications to Guru Rinpoche in Seven Chapters”

Sunday, April 30; 10-12 pm
Empowerment White Umbrella
Sunday, April 30; 2:30-5 pm
Teaching on “Supplications to Guru Rinpoche in Seven Chapters”

Location: Nyingma Palyul Dharma Center 3rd Floor
121 Bowery Street (just south off the corner with Grand Street)
New York, NY
For information on Palyul events in NYC:
Palyul Ling International:

Some basic research on the collection of prayers that is known as “Supplications to Guru Rinpoche in Seven Chapters”.

Erik Pema Kunzang in “The Lotus-Born: The Life Story of Padmasambhava” on page 225 writes: “Karma Chagmey (1613-1678). History, Meditation and benefits of the Supplication in Seven Chapters. GSOL’DEBS LE’U BDUN PA’I LO RGYUS DMIGS RIM PHAN YON DANG BCAS PA. 78 manuscript pages. An explanation of the seven famous supplications to Guru Rinpoche revealed by the hermit Sangpo Dragpa and given to the great terton Rigdzin Godem. The daily practice of these supplications embody the entire life-story of Padmasambhava, all his lineages of transmission, and all the levels of his teaching.”
-Above is an entry in “Bibliography” listing of the book for Mahasiddha Karma Chagmey commentary, but it does present immense scope of practice associated with the Supplications.

Culmination of Guru Rinpoche’s speech, the seven chapters of prayers of supplication.

It is said that all of Guru Rinpoche practice instructions, all of Guru Rinpoche life story and all of transmissions of these can be summed up and connected to through these supplications.

English translation and research on the Seven Supplications is available in the following books:

Guru Rinpoche, His Life and Times by Ngawang zangpo  (Snow Lion)

A Great Treasure of Blessings, A Book of Prayers to Guru Rinpoche, To celebrate the Wood Monkey Year 2004-5 translated and edited by Rigpa Translations  (Rigpa)

A Treasure Trove of Blessings and Protection, the Seven Chapter Prayer of the Great Teacher Padmasambhava translated by Mike Dickman  (Cool Grove Press)

According to these research, main 6 supplications were composed by Guru Rinpoche after the request of his 5 heart disciples, in Male Fire Horse Year, 12th Lunar month year 767 according to Western calendar. At Samye monastery in Tibet.

First Supplication:
The Supplication to the Spiritual Master’s Three Bodies of Enlightenment. Also translated as: Prayer to the Guru Trikaya
It is given to requesting 5 disciples collectively who are: fully ordained monk Namke Nyingpo, King Trisong Detsen, Dakini Yeshe Tsogyal, Nanam Dorje Dudjom and prince Mutri Tsepo. Through realization of the teachings of Guru Rinpoche, these five disciples knew that keeping of samaya commitments is the very heart of vajrayana and supplication to the Guru is most effective way of maintaining the samaya, thus their request is for a short and meaningful supplication that can be recited by any one at any point during the day or night is for that very purpose.
Second Supplication:
Supplication Given to the King
Last lines of the request as given by Ngawang Zangpo: “…that this life’s obstacles be cleared away, and that we eventually attain the supreme accomplishment of Great Seal [mahamudra]…”
Third Supplication:
The Supplication Given to Yeshe Tsogyal
Last lines of the request as given by Ngawang Zangpo:
“…to be able to move your blessings like clouds in the sky. If we ordinary people repeat this supplication in Tibet after you depart to Odiyanna, may it have the power to make you return from the land of the dakinis in Odiyanna and to compassionately appear before the Tibetan faithful, blessing us…”

Fourth Supplication:
Supplication Given to the fully-ordained monk Namke Nyingpo.

Fifth Supplication:
Supplication given to Nanam Dorje Dudjom

Sixth supplication:
Supplication given to Prince Mutri Tsepo
In the Male Water Dragon year [1352], Tulku Sangpo Drakpa retrieved this treasure from the retreat cave of the Master from Odiyanna at Drompa Gyong, Rulak. He entrusted it to the great Rigdzin Gokyi Demtru Chen and this great awareness holder translated it from the yellow parchment.
Seventh supplication is given at a later date to Mutri Tsepo and is titled: The Supplication for the Spontaneous Fulfillment of the Wishes
In the Male Water Dragon year [1352], Tulku Sangpo Dragpa retrieved this treasure from the Gyong temple at Rulak. He gave it to the great Rikzin Gokyi Demtru Chen and this great awareness holder translated it from the yellow parchment.

Supplication to Dispel Obstacles on the Path
This supplication is closely connected to the Supplications in seven chapters, it was given in Earth Monkey year [768] to Prince Murub Tsepo, who is also known by his Buddhist name Yeshe Rolpa Tsal. Ngawang Zangpo on page 260:
“…He then placed his right hand on king’s head, his left hand on mine [Yeshe Tsogyal], and touched his forehead to that of the Son of Heaven [title for a Tibetan Prince at the time] In the innate indestructible sound of the melody of the nature of reality, he spoke this supplication:
Om Ah Houng Benza Guru Pema Siddhi Houng…”

[which is followed in the book by text of the translation for the supplication]
Prayer mentioned above and a similar to the original version of the supplication for Spontaneous Fulfillment of Wishes was revealed in 19th century by Chogyur Dechen Lingpa (1829-1870) within cycle of The Heart -Meditation on the Master, A Wish-Fulfilling Jewel.

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