Hollow Road

Most of the Palyul Retreat Center in upstate NY is located on unpaved road called: Hollow Rd, there is some traffic in direction of the village called Smithville Flats but much less in the direction of McDonough. We were slowly driving towards McDonough and in the middle of the road there was a turtle. On the right side there was completely dry, due to recent luck of rain, drain channel. So it is likely that the turtle was looking to make it somewhere, somewhere better.


We picked it up and drove a half mile backwards to a beautiful stream.

Usually a lot of ceremonies that require a body of water end up right there. Imagine 2007 Kalachakra ceremony by Third Penor Rinpoche, the mandala got swept and thrown into there.20160619_163325

It looked like a most perfect spot for a Turtle that hitched a ride with us for about 2 min.

Country air. Trees that provide shade. The environment feels very pure and restful. I would not mind if turtle rescue was my job.



Sang Offering

Picture above is of the Sang Offering, that should look like a big bonfire, with clouds of smoke. We had one like that on Saturday, in the evening after the main Kalachakra Ceremony, the only thing, it was burning pretty high during tremendous downpour of rain! In fact stronger rain would come down, higher the fire would flare up, the only common sense way in which fire was affected by the rain was quite strong smoke, otherwise it looked like fire was nourished by water.

Rainbows appear


During summer of 2005, If you were lucky enough to have made it to the Palyul Upstate Retreat Center, especially on a day of Namcho Amitabha empowerment, you could have seen rainbows in sky without thick clouds and surely without rain as well as Sun and Moon simultaneously in the same time in the sky on opposite sides as well as on same side. Moments before Amitabha Empowerment Ceremony there was a very bright sunshine and 1st rainbow appeared, it seemed to point in direction of the temple and I have missed most of it’s display so picture that I thought (and when I thought of it) of taking does not reveal much. Second rainbow that appeared at a much later time seemed to point directly towards Kyabje Rinpoche compound and was clearly seen just before Khenchen Pema Sherab arrived to the main temple to give weekend evening teaching.

An observer may think that it is more along the lines of sun shining through the evening sky. However if one were to look at the Dharma wheel mounted on top of porch awning of the temple, then one would see sun glow coming from the right side of the picture. So rainbow appears to be cast in a very wide sphere around the sun.