Tea Bag is actually, nearly all.. Plastic..

As I come from the country that drinks more tea then any other country in the world. All somehow without much a-do, without much publicity. And if you ever lived there and then outside then you would know, inside we all will die without strong tea 24/7 and outside we all have to put up with sudden dawn of an idea that in the eyes of others we are all overindulgent Vodka drinkers. Little do they know. It’s tea, in overdrive mode.

I have recently saw an article that stated that all tea bags contain up to 80% plastic in their makeup. In my mind they do not taste like tea as mush as tea does as well.

If comparing weight of actual tea portioned for your cup in a given tea bag and tea-spoon of actual loose tea, which can be in a way a good amount for a cup, well teabag does not contain much tea. Add to that the continuous use and disposal of the plastic in the tea bags, it is a wonderful time of drinking tea driven to absurdity of melting a bit of plastic in your cup and making disappointed faces drinking it.

How to make a lot of tea in a situation where you can easily reheat it?

If you use your favorite glass or porcelain brewing pot, it is good but it is not the real hardcore way, amount can be small, process has an extra step (pouring hot water in) and if hot tea is desired and there some left, it is hard to reheat.

Here on the other hand is your regular workhorse (nearly 1 gallon, it is 4 liters)pot

And now let me show you where the tea goes:


Use of induction heater is optional, but in the long run will keep your pot handle still attached years and years later. The teapot is made of stainless steel, it’s cost about $30 and it is Korean made.

Now unlike the expositions of Dharma of awakening, in this instance I can assuredly say “this is the way”, well unless you want to use the glass pot or something 🙂

Thank you for your moment of time spent reading this,

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